Louder is an unfunded independent feature film produced with a crew of 6 people.

Jacques Brown


Jacques is an independent writer, producer and director based in Dubai leading the team with uncompromising passion and commitment. With a professional work ethic he values the journey of making a film above all else. (South Africa)

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Shane T Cairn


Shane is a freelance DOP based in Dubai and brought his creative eye and years of experience to the team. His dedication and commitment to getting beautiful visuals was unwavering, with a great attitude and sly sense of Southern hemisphere humour. (Australia/ New Zealand)

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Zeina Dahlan


Zeina studied filmmaking in the UK before settling in Dubai and joining the Louder family as producer. Working around the clock she managed all the logistics with professionalism and grace and maintained the sanity of the team during the long days on set. (Palestine/ Jordan)

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Aida Gamzatova


Aida is a passionate wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist. She did an amazing job styling all the actors, working endlessly to make sure they all look stunning. (Russia)

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Jayvee Banaag


Jayvee  was always there for anything the team needed him for in his own quiet way. A very capable camera assistant who was happy to do anything required to make sure we got the shot. (Philippines)

Khuraam Rafique


Khurram is a powerhouse. Nothing can stop him from being there for the team. Heat, long hours, heavy equipment, it's all a breeze for him as he works hard in the background with a permanent smile on his face. (Pakistan)

Simran Madaan


Simran is an experienced producer having worked on various commercial projects and Bollywood films produced in the UAE. (India)

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Suzie Demetri-Robertson


Suzie plays the role of Stella and is also one of the films executive producers. She gave her own villa and Ferrari to be used in the film and worked hard at bringing actors and other contributors to the table. Jacques approached her when he first conceived the idea for Louder and she jumped onboard with unfailing passion and 100% commitment to bringing this film to life. (United Kingdom)

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Casey Shannon


For an actor to take on a lead role in an unfunded production takes guts and a giant leap of faith. His dedication and commitment to bringing Killian to life onscreen was truly beautiful to watch and shows in his performance. (Ireland)

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Angelica Bridges


Angelica is a full time actress based in L.A. and is known for her role in Baywatch. She flew out specially to be a part of the project after being inspired by Suzie to join the family of passionate filmmakers. (U.S.A.)

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Kris Fade


Kris is a well known radio personality with his morning show on Virgin radio. With a humble character, energetic personality and great sense of humour, there was never a dull moment on set.  (Australia/ Lebanon)

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Christina Andrea Blunsum


Christina  is an actress, dancer and author. She started  dancing and performing in theatre from a young age and has had 3 featured roles in films produced in the UAE. As an author her book “Words That Will Make You Believe In Yourself” became #1 on Amazon. (United Kingdom)

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Hanna Liatsko


Hanna is a newcomer to acting but took on her role with determination. Her creative spirit drives her to keep pushing the limits.. (Belarus)

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Elizabeth Ann Gardner


Elizabeth is a veteran actor having played roles in films produced in America and the Middle East. Always laughing and full of love, her tender heart gives her character a warmth that is endearing. (U.S.A.)

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Shantilly Demetri-Robertson


Shantilly is one of those rare actors that is just naturally talented. It doesn't matter which angle the camera is coming from or what moment the director is pushing to get, she just delivers pure magic. Her performance will definitely touch everybody in the audience. (United Kingdom)

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Michael Kruger - Photographer


Michael is originally from South Africa but spent most of his years honing his craft in London before venturing to the Middle East to establish himself as one of the top photographers in the region. (South Africa)

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The Rest of the Family


All the cast come from 29 different countries, are based in Dubai and super talented, passionate and dedicated to telling compelling stories. Their commitment to Louder was admirable and the energy of the whole Louder family was just unbelievable.

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Our Junior Cast


Meet the young, talented cast members that are blazing their way into the film industry.

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