Louder is an unfunded independent feature film produced with a crew of 6 people.

The Louder Family

Emma Quintin



Emma Quintin is an internationally recognised film, television & theatre actress known for Louder, A Man Tries to Get Back In, Reformity, Stained, and ‘Bella’ from the BBC’s award winning television programme TWEENIES. (United Kingdom)

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Eman Abo Al Nasr


Eman graduated in Music and moved to Belgium before settling in Dubai to pursue her acting and modelling career on a full time basis. (Egypt) 

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Christian Mandel


Chris started his acting career in 2015. He has appeared in large scale productions such as Star Trek and War Machine. He has recently been focusing on TV commercials and short films playing both supporting and lead roles. More recently, Christian acted in Bollywood and Independent Films such as Tiger Zinda Hai and Twisted Blues. (Germany)

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Lorena Orlic


Lorena is an international model based in Dubai.(Serbia)

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Valeriia Tsvietok


Vale is a full time model and actress based in Dubai who enjoys an active lifestyle and Salsa dancing. (Moldovia)

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Lara Zennie


Lara Zennie is a student at the American University of Beirut majoring in business marketing and double minoring in music and theatre. She has been singing since the age of 7 and been training for 8 years since the age of 10. Lara sings “Never Be Lost” for the movie. (Lebanese American)

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Joshua Kruger


Joshua is a talented young man who has the looks and determination to become a leading man in the film industry. (Swedish South African)

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Britta Kurzewitz


Britta is an international model and actress with a strong presence in front of the camera. (Germany)

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Savannah Demetri-Robertson


A triple threat, this young star is destined for the big screen as she sings, dances and acts with unstoppable passion. (United Kingdom)

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Duane Valentino


Duane Valentino filmed the London scenes. A talented filmmaker who brought his experience to the project with enthusiasm. (United Kingdom)

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Louis McConnell


Louise is a London based actress and producer currently working on various feature film projects in Europe and the US and was thrilled to be part of this heartfelt project. (United Kingdom)

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Nawal Youssifova


Nawal is a talented dancer and choreographer who has used her years of experience performing and turned her focus on acting to include in her list of talents. (Slovakia Palestine)

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Christian Williams


Chris is a professional body builder and fitness trainer who is a natural actor. In his first role as Zoe's bodyguard, Rocky, he brought a little tenderness to his character that you wouldn't expect from such a big guy. (United Kingdom)

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Cris Mejia


Cris is a full time actress, voice artist and acting coach, with over 18 years of experience in film and theatre. She gives herself fully to the character and strives to learn from each production she is in. She is also an applied theatre practitioner using art as a vehicle to help individuals and communities. (Colombia)

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Katie Overy


Katie is a local radio presenter on Heart 107.1 with a passion for acting. With a good heart and friendly smile she joined the team and embraced her role. (United Kingdom)

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Christopher Marais


Chris is an all round filmmaker who is capable both behind the camera in production and in front of the camera as an actor. (South Africa)

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Dawn Appel


Dawn is a multi-talented lady who is a fashion designer, photographer and great actress. Her bubble personality and energy is contagious and she contributed to the success of Louder both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. (United Kingdom)

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Fahima Falaknaz


Fahima is a professional boxer who has embraced her new found passion for acting. She loves to challenge herself and push the limits to see what she is capable of. (United Arab Emirates)

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Julia White


Julia is a full time model with aspirations of becoming a great actress. Hard working and committed, she takes on any challenge, especially in front of the camera. (Belarus)

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Milena Misic


Milena is an experienced model and passionate actress who lights up in front of the camera. (Serbia)

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Mahmoud Armani


Mahmoud is a great actor who has the ability to pull off a variety of roles and deliver great entertainment. (Egypt)

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Majed Alzubaidi


Majed is an actor, presenter and voice over artist that embraces his craft with passion and dedication. His experience both on stage and on location for film has seen him in numerous international roles playing different nationalities.(Yemen)

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Regan Tetlow


Regan is known as an International air sports presenter. When he’s not travelling for events, he pursues his acting career in Dubai. Featuring in The wedding Party 2, Louder is his second movie role. 

“ I absolutely loved the whole process of being involved in this production from the early days of acting workshops through to shooting the scenes. Everybody involved in Louder has become family” (United Kingdom)

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Vimal VJ


Vimal started his career as a model from 2010, soon realising how much expressions made a major impact on how one  looks on camera, he decided to pursue acting through various acting classes and has been part of many commercials for renowned brands, tvcs short films. He loves playing various roles and learning from each experiences. (India)

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Sabrina Schimanszky


Sabrina is a professional actor, voice-over and lifestyle model. Since graduating from theatre school in the year 2000 she has been pursuing her career in North America and the UAE.(Canada)

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Rex George


Rex is himself a film director and acting coach, but loves being in front of the camera and taking on the challenge of bringing a character to life. (India)

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Sandra Spencer


Sandra is a vibrant and charismatic character both in life and on screen, bringing dedication and commitment to any role she takes charge of. An experience theatre director and actress, having appeared in numerous commercials, short films and movies, she continues to push her creative boundaries. (Jamaica United Kingdom)

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Stephon Lamar


Stephon is both singer and actor who loves entertaining an audience. His diverse talents, quirky personality and fit demeanour makes for an interesting character actor. (U.S.A.)

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